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Looking for a Pet? Discover How Much Are Cockatiels at Petco!

Understanding the Appeal of Cockatiels

The Colorful and Charming Presence of Cockatiels

You know what’s like a pop art portrait come to life? Cockatiels! With their vibrant crest, beady eyes, and beautifully patterned plumage, these feathered friends quickly become the center of attraction in any room. They sport an array of shades from soft grey and dazzling yellow to tousled white and warm brown. What makes them even more appealing are their crimson cheek patches – kind of like an avian makeup.

Cockatiels and Their Noteworthy Companionship

Cockatiels are not just about looks. They are quite the party animals, always craving social interaction. They get along fabulously with their human pals, constantly seeking cuddles, chirping conversations, or perching sessions on your shoulder. Remember: alone time isn’t exactly their cup of tea. Sherry from New Jersey says she regularly hosts ‘sing-alongs’ with her cockatiel, Coco. Apparently, Coco is a fan of Old Town Road and even has his remix version!

The Intellectual Spark within Cockatiels

Cockatiels are pretty smart cookies. Their ability to mimic sounds, follow routines, and perform tricks on demand surely qualifies them for the ‘bird-brain’ championship belt any day. In fact, it’s a hoot watching them mimic mundane sounds, like microwave beeps or phone ringtones, let alone teaching them familiar tunes. Trust me, having a pet that can whistle the Game of Thrones theme is a conversation starter!

Purchasing a Cockatiel: How Much Are Cockatiels at Petco

Current Price Range for Cockatiels at Petco: How Much Are Cockatiels at Petco

If your heart is set on getting a cockatiel, pack your wallet because they can cost anywhere between $140 to $170. Note, this can vary if you are opting for a rare species or a slightly older chap.

The Enclosed Price Inclusions

The price tag at Petco often includes complementary veterinary services and initial vaccinations, so that’s a load off your mind. Also, keep an eye out for special promotions – who knows, you might snag a deal!

Additional Expenses beyond the Initial Purchase

Feathered friends, however, come with more than just a price tag. Expect additional costs, such as care products, an appropriate cage, feeding, grooming supplies, and regular veterinary visits. Though these might seem like ‘hidden costs,’ think of them as investments towards a happy and healthy pet life.

Essential Care Guide for Your New Cockatiel

Providing a Suitable Home Environment for Cockatiels

Make sure your cockatiel roosts in style! Seek a spacious cage with plenty of toys and comfort items to keep them entertained. Oh, and placing their habitat away from drafts, direct sunlight, and noisy areas is a must. Who really wants to live near a noisy garbage chute, right?

Healthy feeding habits for Cockatiels

Feathering up a cockatiel’s diet requires a blend of commercial pellets, fresh fruits, vegetables, and occasional protein (think boiled eggs). Stay clear from chocolate, avocado, and alcohol – they are big no-no’s! And please, resist those puppy – erm, birdy – eyes during mealtime. Overfeeding equals hefty vet bills.

Regular Health Check-ups for Cockatiels

Regular vet visits are essential to keep your cockatiel in chirpy health. Look out for common health issues such as feather plucking or respiratory issues. Prevention is often easier, and cheaper, than the cure.

How to Build a Bond with your Cockatiel

Cockatiel’s Socializing Needs

Cockatiels crave social interaction like pizza craves cheese. Being part of your everyday routines, even if it’s just watching Netflix together, makes them feel included. Remember their no-alone-time policy!

Understanding Cockatiel’s Communication Signals

Ever confuzzled about what your cockatiel wants? Understanding their vocal melodies, body language, and behavioral cues can keep any misunderstanding a bird’s throw away. Also, remember to toss in lots of positive reinforcement – they are big fans of praises and rewards.

Training Your Cockatiel

Training your cockatiel is an exciting challenge. Use positive reinforcement techniques (hello, favorite treats!) to teach them tricks, or souvenir sounds. Imagine the bragging rights when your cockatiel does a ‘flip-flap’ on command!

Finding the Best Pet – Why Choose a Cockatiel

Cockatiels Vs Other Comparable Pet Birds

Cockatiels are easier on maintenance when compared to other birds. They are generally longer-living, more interactive, and cheaper to maintain than, say, parrots who apparently have a taste for exotic aromas (read: expensive feeding)!

Pros and Cons of Owning a Cockatiel

Owning a cockatiel does come with its own set of pros and cons. While they are sociable, relatively low maintenance, and brimming with personality, they can get noisy, demand plenty of interaction, and can live for over 20 years!

Cockatiels for Families, Couples and Singles

Being sociable birds, cockatiels fit in well with family dynamics and are great for singles who want a low-maintenance pet with plenty of personality. For couples, can anything be more romantic than a pair of lovebirds?


So, Major Tom to Ground Control, I hope this guide provides a bird’s eye view of owning a cockatiel. Just remember to make informed decisions because happy birds make for happy homes!

If you’re curious about what a molting cockatiel looks like and want to learn more about this natural process, check out our article on “What Does a Molting Cockatiel Look Like?” for additional insights and information.


Let me guess, you still have questions, don’t you? Well, here are some common ones:

  • Q: How long do cockatiels live in captivity?
  • Cockatiels live approximately 15-20 years with good care.
  • Q: Are cockatiels noisy?
  • Yes, they can be. They usually take a liking to whistling, mimicking sounds or singing tunes. It might take some getting used to.

The cockatiel world is a delightful one to delve into. We hope that choosing a cockatiel as your new family member brings international bird day to your house every day!

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