are budgies or cockatiels better pets

Are Budgies or Cockatiels Better Pets? Find Out Now


We all treasure our pets, don’t we? They’re our loyal companions, our source of unconditional love, and truly members of our family. The animal kingdom is vast, and when considering options for pets, dogs and cats seem to reign supreme. However, let’s veer away from that beaten path for a bit. Let’s agitate the still waters of pet-keeping a little by delving into the world of birds – Budgies and Cockatiels to be specific.

We’re onto a fun ride here, one where we’ll pit these two avian beauties against each other in a friendly combat. We’ll compare their characteristics, care requirements, and the quality of companionship they offer to determine which may be better suited for you.

Understanding Budgies and Cockatiels

A. About Budgies

Budgies or Budgerigars, hailing from the wildlands of Australia, belong to the parakeet family. Do not let their diminutive size fool you. They are agile, full of life, and surprisingly intelligent.

Their colors range from a traditional, cheerful blend of greens to other captivating variations. Their average lifespan is between 5 to 8 years, but with exceptional care, they can survive up to 15 years.

As for their personality, they are social, outgoing, and love being the center of attention. They’re capable of mimicking human language and frequently engage in playful behavior.

B. About Cockatiels

Cockatiels, the smallest of the cockatoo family, are also natives of Australia. They are considerably larger than budgies and are recognized by their unique crested feathers and bright cheek patches.

Their colors usually include various shades of grey, yellow, and white. They typically live between 10 to 14 years, but instances of them reaching 20 years are not uncommon.

When it comes to personality, cockatiels are generally calm, affectionate, and rather social. They enjoy being a part of daily activities and can whistle some seriously entertaining tunes.

Looking at Budgie and Cockatiel Care Requirements

Looking at Budgie and Cockatiel Care Requirements

A. Caring for a Budgie

Budgies thrive on a balanced diet consisting of bird seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. You may also offer them occasional treats like honey sticks or millet sprays.

Budgies need ample space to chirp and hop around. A medium-sized cage, at least 18” in height, breadth, and width, should be suitable. Keeping them stimulated with toys and regular interaction is essential for their mental well-being.

B. Caring for a Cockatiel

Cockatiels require a slightly more diverse diet. They consume seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables, and even enjoy the occasional hard-boiled egg.

Although their cage size requirements are similar to budgies, they need a few additional inches, given their larger size and long tail feathers. Exercise, toys, and interaction are just as critical for them.

Budgies vs. Cockatiels: Are Budgies or Cockatiels Better Pets?

A. Factors to Consider: Are Budgies or Cockatiels Better Pets

We’ll consider lifespan, interaction, bonding, and ease of care to determine which bird might make the perfect pet for you.

B. Budgies as Pets

Budgies, with their vibrant colors and active personalities, can brighten up any household. Their relatively short lifespan might be seen as a downside, but their ability to mimic human speech, playful nature, and lower maintenance might tip the scale in their favor.

C. Cockatiels as Pets

Cockatiels offer a longer companionship due to their extended lifespan. They might not be as proficient at speech mimicry but can sweetly serenade you with their whistles. However, their diet and care are slightly more complex compared to budgies.

Deciding Between a Budgie or Cockatiel: Key Considerations

A. Understanding Your Needs

Consider your time availability, home space, and family situation when choosing between a budgie and a cockatiel.

B. Understanding the Bird’s Needs

Both birds require regular interaction, mental stimulation, and a healthy diet. Their care also incurs a definite financial commitment.

C. Other Factors to Consider

Consider potential allergies, readiness for a long-term responsibility, and the reliability of your sources before bringing these birds home.


While both budgies and cockatiels are delightful, they come with their own sets of pros and cons. Your lifestyle, commitment, and expectations play a vital role in deciding which bird suits you best. Embrace the wonderful world of pet-parenting responsibly, understanding that these little feathered beings are dependant on you for their well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do budgies and cockatiels live?

Budgies generally live for 5-8 years, while cockatiels can live for 10-14 years.

Are budgies and cockatiels friendly to humans?

Yes, both budgies and cockatiels can bond well with their human companions.

Which bird is easier to train, a budgie or a cockatiel?

Training depends largely on the individual bird’s personality. Generally, both birds catch up well with proper training methodologies.

What is the average cost of owning a budgie vs a cockatiel?

Cockatiels generally cost more than budgies, considering initial costs, cage requirements, and care costs.

Can budgies and cockatiels live together peacefully?

Generally, it’s not advised to house different bird species together for safety reasons. However, there are exceptions, and it mostly depends on the birds’ individual personalities. Consulting a vet or bird specialist is advised.

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